Don’t Be THAT Mother-In-Law

By Judi Hasson | for For generations, mothers-in-law have been the butt of jokes, the villains in movies, and OK, probably occasionally a total nightmare in real life. But now you’re playing that role and you certainly don’t want anyone to cast you into those old stereotypes. Don’t worry: There are plenty of ways […]

Hidden Taxes You Pay Everyday

By Judi Hasson | for Everyone knows there are federal taxes on tobacco and alcohol, but did you know the feds take a bite out of your afternoon candy bar? There are plenty of unexpected taxes that raise the price of goods and services — sin taxes, import duties, user fees and excise taxes […]

Homeowners Who Just Walk Away

By Judi Hasson | for | April 9, 2008 Thousands of strapped homeowners are simply abandoning their homes before foreclosure even begins. The stories of three families illustrate the personal and financial trauma. The mortgage industry calls it “jingle mail” — keys that arrive in envelopes from homeowners who’ve decided they’d rather walk away than […]