Emergency Departments Scale Back Opioid Prescribing

By JUDI HASSON | March 17, 2017 | Politico Prescription Pulse One of the busiest emergency rooms in the country just last year introduced a landmark plan to put the brakes on prescribing opioids as the first choice of relief from acute pain. It worked. Now dozens of emergency rooms are following the protocol introduced […]

Doctors on Reform—Many Voices, Many Views

By Judi Hasson | for AARP.org Peter Basch, M.D., a primary care doctor in Washington, knows about soaring health care costs. At his office, just minutes from the Capitol, where health care reform is Congress’ hottest topic, he once allowed some of his patients to pay him with homegrown produce instead of money—applying a 19th-century […]

How Private Is Your Medical Info?

by Judi Hasson | AARP.org | September 17, 2012 10 things you should know about what can — and can’t — be shared You don’t need to be a celebrity to have valid concerns that your medical records might be stolen or read by others. Over the past three years, almost 21 million patients have had their […]

Private Hospitals To Gain Access to Vets’ Medical Records

By Judi Hasson | for Breakinggov.com The Department of Veterans Affairs has reached the final stretch of what’s been a long effort to employ technology that allows private hospitals access to veterans’ medical records that can be used to evaluate health history and deliver better care. The move is one of many within the VA […]

Take a Wheelchair to a National Park

By Judi Hasson | for Kiplinger’s Retirement Report | August 2015 The National Park Service offers features and services to make the Grand Canyon and other federal lands accessible to all. Marian Jacob, who uses a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis, never thought she would ever experience the beauty of a national park. But in March, Jacob, 63, and […]